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Brenda Hill 

  Book Editing Services

           Author * Editor * Writing Coach

 Do You Need an Editor?

Is your manuscript stuck in the slush pile? Or worse, has it been returned to you with a rejection?

Are you an indie author whose sales has taken a nosedive? Maybe your book isn't selling at all.

Why is this happening?

With the influx of aspiring novel writers hitting the markets, you have to compete. To compete, your manuscript must be professional.

One of the main issues with agents, and certainly with acquiring editors at publishing houses, is the poorly prepared writer. I've heard agents speak about glancing at a manuscript's first pages and tossing it into the rejection file without reading further. Perhaps it was your novel.

Why? What caused that editor to toss the pages?

The answer is complex. It could be one issue, perhaps a dull, tired opening, a writer's neglect or ignorance of the publishing industry's standard techniques, or a combination of them all.

I specialize in the Novel's 1st Chapter, CRITICAL to your success. If you haven't incorporated at least 3 of the 5 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS in your opening pages, you risk losing the reader/Agent/publisher.

Do you know what they're looking for? Check my 1st Chapter Analysis & Edit page for information on making sure your opening pages will attract and hold a reader's attention. I've led 1st Chapter workshops in the Southern California area and have discussed some of the elements in PLOT YOUR WAY TO PUBLICATION, Kindle version.

Your job as a writer is to present your manuscript/story in the best possible light.

My job as an editor is to help you accomplish that goal. I offer editing via email, one-on-one coaching in my local area, and FREE writing, editing, and grammar tips. Like most published authors, I went through many heart-breaking rejections in my early career. After guidance from agents, editors, and from beta readers, I learned what it takes to keep readers turning pages. With my editing services, my plotting ebook, and my 1st chapter analysis, I'm happy to help you and share what I've learned.

"About half an hour ago, I received another request for a partial from a literary agency. Brenda, I have to say a huge​ thanks. If it hadn't been for your advice on restructuring chapter one of my manuscript, none of this interest would be possible. I now have three agents and one publisher all interested in reading more.


If you're reading this post and have suffered rejection in the past, but think your WIP is worthy of publication, I would recommend Brenda's service and suggest you have your first chapter reviewed by her for a small fee as I did. It's worth every cent and you certainly won't regret it."

Jenny Woodall,

writing as Victoria Howard

"Thank you for editing my last four short stories. I appreciate not only your attention to detail, but also the leading questions that you asked. I was able to better communicate my characters when you asked what they were feeling, why she acted in such a way, or demanded a better ending. Your active reading makes my work stronger."

Sherri Cook Woosley

"Brenda Hill's knowledge in grammar and line editing is extensive. She has a talent for spotting sentence structure errors and word usage problems. She also has a keen eye for strong writing."

Wendy Rosnau,

A Thousand Kisses Deep and The Spy Wore Red

"Brenda provided valuable insight that proved instrumental in the publication and success of my first novel, The Burning Hills. She has a keen eye for a good story, understands sound literary structure and pays attention to detail. I welcome her input on my work anytime."

Will Garret,

The Burning Hills

"Brenda Hill has helped me with several writing projects. She offers invaluable advice and editorial critique to help me present my best possible writing. I would recommend her services to anyone."

Candace Simar, award-winning author

"Brenda has a wonderful way of showing the best way to present your story. But what I liked most was she did not change my story--she only took out the parts that were redundant or of no use. Though she has been in business for many years, it is a gift, not just a learned skill, to edit without changing your characters or storyline."

Shanice Thibedeau,

Beyond the Rock

“I have attended a number of sessions on writing that all-important first chapter, but none as useful and informative as Brenda Hill's 'Critical First Chapter' workshop. Her information hit all the right topics and was invaluable in the retooling of my novel's opening page and first chapter.”

Jim McFarlin, President

Palm Springs Writers Guild

"Your class on "Your Critical First Chapter" was so helpful. It's now ingrained in my writer's mind how important that is. Grab the reader while he's looking at your book, and you have a follower for life.”

Dodie Cross

Author of: A Broad Abroad in Thailand,

A Broad Abroad in Iran

"I attended a workshop Brenda conducted for the Palm Springs Writers' Guild and it was very helpful. The workshop was about the important first page and it really opened my eyes. Any aspiring writer will benefit from Brenda's workshops. She is entertaining and insightful."

Ted Wakefield,

Palm Springs Writers' Guild

“A good workshop should be informative, practical, and well organized. Brenda Hill’s 1st Chapter Workshop met the criteria in every aspect. I was motivated to look carefully at the first chapter of each of my novels and implement Hill’s advice.”

Libby Grandy,

Author of Desert Soliloquy


Why it could be disastrous to hire your Aunt Helen, a retired English teacher, to edit instead of a BOOK EDITOR.

WHAT AN AGENT LOOKS FOR in a manuscript:

  • Line Editing/Copyediting - Line by Line Editing for wrong word usage - their/there; sentence structure; correcting punctuation;

CONTENT EDITING - Analyzing the manuscript for plot development and progression as well as character development. POV correct usage, POV drifts.

CHECK MY 1st Chapter Analysis & Edit page for information on making sure your opening pages will attract and hold a reader's attention. I've led 1st Chapter workshops in the Southern California area and have discussed some of the elements in my ebook,


The ebook version of my published workbook:

We write and we rewrite

Or perhaps we've gone over it so many times we're no longer objective.

Different theories and suggestions tell us how to overcome that obstacle, but it's known in the writing & publishing world that to produce a professional manuscript we need professional editing. Objective editing.

I did. Tom Clancy did. Even Stephen King did

How about you?